The key to Linghong corporation's success is our commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility. Since we established in 1999, Corporate Social Respon

sibility has been an essential part in our business activities and it is also one of reasons why we can get long-term success.In Linghong,entrepreneurship in 

daily work is applied to carry out the Corporate Social Responsibility work. 

Corporate Social Responsibility is challenging, exciting and profound for us. We manage it as innovative as on our products. In past decades years, we make 

unremitting endeavor in pratice to establish a balanced and effective system and every employee is also trying to implement it.The following is our latest 2014 

"corporate social responsibility report", "GRI Content Index" and "Code of conduct for suppliers" link.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We compile Corporate Social Responsibility Report every year from 2009 consulting to the "Sustainability Reporting Guidelines" published by GRI with the main

purpose to collect all of our Corporate Social Responsibility Report contents for stakeholders reference.Chengpeng devotes to promote each factory approved 

by third party audited ISO 14100 certification to demonstrate the effectiveness of our environmental management system. We take measures to develop energy-

saving products, improve management efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, manage waste recycling and promote green office. The energy use in 

our factory decreased by 25% while productivity increased by 37% in 2010.

Chengpeng always concern the potential impact of production on the environment changes and take every efforts to alleviate damage to the environment.We in

novate the reclying and low energy consumption products in 2012 to reduce the environmental footprint of users. It is proved that its effects to environment 

reduced by 50%. Meanwhile, we are now developing the recycle system of making use of recyled materials to produce bottles.

Chengpeng focus on high standards of production safety, while also providing a healthy and safe working environment for workers and employees. At the 

same time, pursuing corporate social responsibility, we contribute to community service and repaying society.

Commitment to Excellence

We commit to build a standard global supply chain system and drive to excellence during every process of sales, product innovation, marketing and etc.

Culture/ People

We believe our core culture provides a broad prospect for talents.

Social Responsiblity

We guarantee our workers having a healty and safe working condition and getting high remuneration with their hardworking.

Innovation/ Creativity

Product is the core for us. We commit to develop and sell featured products.

Nenvironmental  Responsibility

We always stand at the forefront of new technology, new materials and production processes to creat a greener and more appropriate environmental condition 

for next generation.